Skinny Plant Stake Pack - No.2

Skinny Plant Stake Pack - No.2

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Introducing Bamboo Plant Stakes: Expressive Markers for Your Green Beauties

Elevate your plant game with our Bamboo Plant Stakes, meticulously crafted from sustainable bamboo and laser-cut with whimsical phrases that celebrate and humorously narrate the life of your cherished plants. Each pack includes 5 stakes, featuring phrases designed to add character and charm to your indoor or outdoor garden. Each stake ranges from 6 to 9 inches in height.

Embrace the humor in your gardening journey with phrases like "not dead yet" to celebrate the resilience of your plants, "me so thirsty" to remind you when hydration is needed, "might die later" for those dramatic moments, "high maintenance" for the divas of your garden, and "crazy plant lady" to proudly proclaim your botanical obsession.

Let your plants express themselves with our Bamboo Plant Stakes, adding a touch of fun and humor to your botanical sanctuary. Bring a smile to your face with every glance at these expressive markers.

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