Skinny Plant Stake Pack - No.1

Skinny Plant Stake Pack - No.1

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Introducing Bamboo Plant Stakes: Expressive Markers for Your Green Beauties

Bring personality to your home with our Bamboo Plant Stakes, meticulously crafted from sustainable bamboo and laser-cut with whimsical phrases that add a touch of charm to your home. Each pack includes 5 stakes, each featuring a phrase tailored to celebrate and humorously narrate the life of your beloved plants. Each stake ranges from 6 to 9 inches in height.

Embrace the humor in your gardening journey with phrases like "thirst trap" to remind you when it's time for a drink, "please don't die" for those delicate newcomers, "drama queen" for the plants that demand extra attention, "still alive, barely..." for the survivors of your green kingdom, and "not a hugger" for the spiky or prickly varieties that prefer their personal space.

Let your plants express themselves with our Bamboo Plant Stakes, adding a touch of fun and humor to your botanical sanctuary. Bring a smile to your face with every glance at these expressive markers.

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